My debut solo album “Smiling at Wolves” is available on i-Tunes!

Smiling at Wolves

Late night TV debut, November 20th on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson:


Comedy Central debut, August 2nd on the John Oliver New York Stand Up Show:


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Joe is a comedian who has worked with the likes of every other comedian, including the ones who died before he was born. You may have seen Joe on every single television show, with the painful exception of Alf, and you may recognize his voice as the stand-in voice-over for Sigourney Weaver on the BBC’s Planet Earth series.

- The Rolling Stone (in reference to a 1994 U2 concert)

-Joe, talking about the movie Kung Fu Panda

"Hands down the best live show I've ever seen."
-Joe again, on Kung Fu Panda

"Well I don't care if it wasn't live, it FELT live!"
-Joe (still talking about Kung Fu Panda)