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Asheville CD Recording & Late Night TV debut this week…& more stuff!

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Bunch of things going on in the next few weeks so I thought I’d try to put it all in once place. The 03′ Ford Focus odometer is up to 330,500 so I’m hoping it all works out.

This Friday/Saturday I’m recording my debut solo album “Smiling at Wolves” in Asheville, NC at the Lexington Avenue Brewery – one show each night at 9. I hope you’ll come out if you’re in the Asheville area! Tickets are still available through, and walk ups are welcome.

Interview here for show in the Mountain Xpress!

This Wednesday, November 20th, my late night TV debut will air on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on CBS! It’s LATE late, so plan for a late night or set your DVR!

Davidson College interview!

And to all the moms out there, this Saturday at 10 PM (Nov 16) you can catch me doing stand up on Nickelodeon’s Nick Jr. channel, on NickMom night out. I don’t do any material about being a mom, just FYI.

This Monday, Nov 18th at 8 PM, I’m hosting/producing a Comedy Central Corporate retreat at UCB East that will have a nature & wildlife theme with some great comics on the line up: Sheng Wang (Comedy Central half hour presents), Brooks Whelan (SNL), Raj Sivaramen (Universe City & Evolutionary Biologist!), & David Smithyman (special slide show prepared)!

Nov 22 – Concordia College – Fargo, ND
Nov 23 – Benton Station – Sauk Rapids, MN
Nov 26 – Post College – CT

Dec 2 Release date (tentative) for new podcast “Universe City” with science p.Hd co-hosts Jono Zalay & Raj Sivaramen.

Dec 4-7 – Carolina Comedy Club – Myrtle Beach, SC

Dec 11 is the debut of my new bi-weekly show “Hot Crowd” (2nd & 4th Wednesdays at 8:30) with Jono Zalay & Taylor Ketchum at “Over the Eight” in Williamsburg. Fun venue, cheap tacos and all the good craft draft beers.

Dec 12-15 Funny Bone – Syracuse, NY


Comedy Central Showcase this Thursday at the Stand

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I have a Comedy Central showcase this Thursday at 8 p.m. (January 31) at The Stand.  If you’re in NYC come on out, I’d love to see you.  Here is The Stand’s website for tickets:

Self Interview

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I had the rare opportunity to interview myself in this week’s Mountain Xpress, for the Beards of Comedy show coming up this Tuesday, March 22 at the Magnetic Field. I’m misquoted several times, but I blame myself.

Zimmerman on Zimmerman

Beards of Comedy West Coast Tour Blog

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I’m leaving Asheville in six hours for a massive west coast swing with the Beards of Comedy tour – twelve shows in twelve nights, in ten different cities. We are flying into Albuquerque, where we pile into a mini-van rental, and cover 3,000 miles before flying out of Seattle on the 31st.

My plan is to document the fun/anxiety/panic/exhaustion/claustrophobia/disasters with a daily blog. While I travel a lot, this trip involves more than usual. People have been asking if I’m excited. I wish that I could be excited, but right now I’m just worried about the layover in Denver. There are so many logistics to figure out – the driving, the shows, the parking, the hotels, the radio interviews…and all in markets where we’ve never been. We have at least two drives through the night, AFTER we just did a show, to get to radio/TV the next morning. I just mapped it out and fainted. I was then revived, and after three hours of research, figured out how to do a screen shot (on my new Macbook Pro!):

Lots of Driving in a mini-van

I think you can click on it to make it bigger, but if you can’t see the stops, they are: Albuquerque, Portales, Scottsdale, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Reno, Portland, Kennewick, Seattle.

Several folks have also been asking how the hell we put this trip together. Well, it was entirely our publicist – Julie Seabaugh, who is based out of L.A. She started with a few bookend gigs, and then filled in every single day, and even created good routing. Then our college agent was able to add the college gig at Eastern New Mexico State up front.

The only thing we have to do, is get there, and then hope that we get big enough crowds to cover the cost of airfare, van rental, hotels, gas, more gas, food, tolls, luggage fees, more food, more gas, speeding tickets, coffee, gambling, trivia prizes, dessert, parking, parking tickets, breakfast, snacks, gas, and things I’m not thinking of. The Beards are like Hobbits, in our five-six meal-a-day regiment.

Also, it won’t just be four Bearded dudes in a soccer mom van rental, it will be five. Joining us is Justin Heckert – a journalist from Atlanta Magazine who is writing a long form article on the journey. It will be awesome to have him along. It will also be a long-ass length of time for me to be on record. All sorts of embarrassing things could come out. So perhaps to quell my fear, I’ll say some embarrassing things right now:

-I listen to nothing but Hootie & the Blowfish
-I wet the bed regularly
-My favorite movie is every Ashton Kuchar movie
-I’m gay
-I’m super gay

Okay, so whatever I reveal to Justin, it can’t be worse than this right? Perhaps one of my daily blogs will be an interview with Justin, where I ask him what it’s like to be a journalist from Atlanta Magazine, traveling with the Beards of Comedy tour. It’d be like, an interview within an interview – pretty meta right? Right guys?

Eastern New Mexico State College tomorrow night. We’ll be at the airport at 4 am, and then have a three hour drive after we land at 9 am, so if you plan on attending, please bring energy drinks. Also, I’m not really gay.

Odd Things People Have Said Right After a Show

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Here are some odd things people have said to me right after a show:

“You should do a CD of just songs. I would play it on my boat for all my friends. I can’t play your stand-up on my boat.”

“Are you friends with Jerry Seinfeld?”

“I have a great racist joke for you.”

“How come you don’t tell any racist jokes on stage?”

“What do you make per show, like five grand?”

“Do you normally play crowds this small?”
(After show with 200 people)

“You should really give away your shirts free – it’d be great marketing. Everyone would ask me, “Where’d you get that shirt?” and I’d be like, “a comedian!”

“Wait, which comic were you?”
(Eh, I was the comic, who was…me? The one you’re talking to.)

“You remind me a little of Dave Attell.”

“You remind me a little of Dane Cook.”

“You’re kind of like that Dave Chappelle guy.”

“You remind me of Zach Galifianakis.”

“You’re really dead-pan, like David Letterman.”

“Do you know Chris Rock?”

“I like that Larry the Cable Guy, but you’re alright.”

“You should insult the audience more, like Lisa Lampanelli.”

“Do you have someone who writes all your jokes?”

“Are you from Canada?”

“Hey, I didn’t see your show, but do you need a roadie? I could travel around with you. I used to be a DJ!”
-Elderly Man

“I remember you from that TV show, like ten years ago.”
(Haven’t been on TV)

“Did we go to high-school together?”

“You CRAZY as hell!”
(I’m really not that crazy)

“You can feel my beard if you want…seriously, go ahead.”

“I just got out of jail!”
-man who looked like he just got out of jail

“Sorry I didn’t laugh. I’m on pills that don’t let me laugh, but I had a great time.”

“Will you sign my ass? I know everyone always asks for the titty, so I’d like the ass.”

“Where’s the bathroom?”

“You should see a chiropractor.”