Fun shows around NYC in April

Hey everyone in the NYC area, if you’ve been dying see me (and how could you not be?), I’ll be on some fun shows this month in April. For one, you can find me almost every Monday at 8:30 at Bar 2A in the East Village, where I’m hosting the Meaning of Life, along with Taylor Ketchum, Bryan Bruner, and Jono Zalay. This month I’ll definitely be there on April 15 & April 22.

Tomorrow night, Thursday April 4th, I’m doing a Montreal Just For Laughs Showcase at Stand Up New York, which is a big deal for comics. This will be a stacked line up, so come out if you can – here is the ticket link:

On April 11th, I’ll be at Kabin at 9:30, in the East Village, which is a really fun free show that always gets the city’s best comics.

April 19th, Beards & Friends are back at the Creek and the Cave! 10 pm, free show.

Finally, on April 25th, if you want to see me do a longer set, I’ll be headlining at the Laughing Devil in Long Island City. You can use the promo code “JOEDEAL” for half off tickets, through their website:


One Response to “Fun shows around NYC in April”

  1. creativespacesformusiceducation Says:

    Looks like there is lots of action in NYC. Congratulations! Love from a big fan

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