Big Month

Okay, so a big month coming up. Ford Focus odometer is up to 296,000 and I have a feeling this next month may put it close to the big 300.

August 14-19 – House of Comedy (at the Mall of America) – Minneapolis, MN

Woh, long drive, lot of tolls. Mental breakdown should occur around Chicago traffic.

Fun fact: the Mall of America has a store that exclusively sells bean bags.

August 20-25 – Hanging in Minneapolis for Peter & Rachel’s wedding

Fun fact: Weddings are the only place you can see me dance

August 27 – West LIberty College – WV (woh, long drive!)

Fun fact – I grew up in WV

August 28 – Mom’s birthday! – Morgantown, WV

Fun fact – My mom is gr8!

August 29 – University of Kentucky – Lexington, KY

Aug 30 – Sept 2 – Funny Bone – Columbus, OH w/ Tommy Johnagin

Fun fact – Planning to record the first episode of my new “Spiraling” podcast with Tommy

Sept 6-8 Ridley’s Comedy Castle – Royal Oak, MI

Fun fact: One of the best clubs in the country and I’ll be headlining, exciting.

Sept 10 – Debut of The Meaning of Life Comedy show at 2A in the East Village

Fun fact: Producing and hosting this new hot in the East Village (2nd & 4th Mondays) at one of the best bars in the city, 2A upstairs (corner of 2nd and Avenue A)


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