I’ve always thought it would be a fun writing exercise to keep a daily blog, so I’m considering giving it a shot.  How many days do you think I can go?  My buddy Andy Sandford did it for a while, which was inspiring.  Andy, are you still doing it?  Andy and I speak through my blog now.   I am putting the over/under at fourteen days.  “Over/under” is a gambling term which means if I go fifteen days in a row, you would owe me money, and if I only make it thirteen days, I would owe you money.  So how much would you like to bet?

Keep in mind, I could technically post a one-word blog, or even a picture, and it would still count as a blog.  I’ve started up with Instagram (@joezimmerman) so I might be able to ride a few blogs on sweet pics alone.   You want to put in five dollars?   Okay, I’ll take that bet.

Here is what’s new.  Today I am going to the Letterman taping to watch Tommy Johnagin perform as the stand-up guest.  You can catch him tonight on the Letterman that’s on TV (Friday night).  This weekend finds me at the Pittsburgh Improv Friday – Sunday, staying with my friends Craig & Holly who are about to have a baby.  I hope they have the baby while I’m there so that I can name it.  That’s how it works right?  First one to see the baby names it.  I will have to take a look before making my decision, but it will likely be either “Maximillion Achee” or “Baby Achee.”      The following week I will be in NYC performing in the Laughing Devil Festival for major cash rewards.  I plan on winning lots of cash & prizes.  Then, May 20-27 The Beards of Comedy are getting back together for a midwest tour that stops in Urbana (The Iron Post), Madison (Club on State), Iowa City (The Mill), Saint Louis (Firebird), and Bloomington, IN (Comedy Attic).

Finally, I have a new intern named Chad who is heavily involved with my twitter @JoeZimmerman and behind the scenes stuff.  I had to fire my last intern due to a lack of effort and poor grammar (no pressure Chad).  He seems very enthusiastic and he is getting his marketing degree at Phoenix Online.  We’re very proud of him.


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  1. Ha! I bet you a mix-tape, you don’t. And one word is not a blog. Pictures is kind of cheating too, but Andy does it all the time.

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