West Coast Coast Tour Day 2 – Scottsdale, AZ

Well, it didn’t take long for us to depart from our strict Walmart Supercenter budget of peanut butter and honey sandwiches. After the show we were hungry, and that was that. We were joined by our Scottsdale guest comic Mike Kennedy, his girlfriend Colby, and my Davidson golf teammate Dan Koernke (who lives in Scottsdale).

We ate extravagantly and as I finished up my seven dollar draft, I began to wonder how we would afford the luxuries of eight more cities. On queue, I see my golf teammate sign for a big long bill. It was a very generous move, and by the end of this tour, I’m sure it will play a critical role in our survival. It’s also the first time I’ve ever had a peer do the “I got this” move. I thought that was only for bosses and older people. This means I must have reached the age where we do things like that. I’m just not sure I have the “I got this” move in my arsenal, but at some point I will need to pay it forward. Either that or only eat dinner by myself, while watching Battle Star Gallactica on Netflix.

Dan sells software for TrueShip, so I’m pleased to announce we’ve added TrueShip as a tour sponsor. Trueship is not aware of this, so I’m not allowed to do that. Nonetheless, our sponsor list is looking impressive:

-Brown Paper Tickets: for all your online event ticketing needs (www.brownpapertickets.com)

-RooftopComedy.com: for all your stand up comedy content needs (We are featured in their Daily 8 frequently this week, and there is an interview with me posted in their blog section, BTW).

-Trueship Software: Fast, Fully Integrated, Shipping Software (TrueShip.com). I’m don’t know how it works, but Dan is my teammate and a Division 1 Athlete (like me) and therefore a good person. I have faith that TrueShip is game changing software that will take your company from good to great, or average to good, or bad to average, or bankrupt to American bank.

After a lovely post-show eating binge, Andy & Dave were quick to point out that the rest of the restaurant thought we were a big table of bears, hitting on a twink. I didn’t know what that meant, and learned that “bears” are big burly gay men with beards, and “twinks” are good looking, well dressed, beardless gay men. I’m less concerned that we came across as “bears” hitting on a “twink,” and more concerned that we know that vocabulary.

I’m writing from inside our Chevy Tahoe, on the way to Las Vegas, and we’re not far from the Hoover Dam. The Las Vegas show is at 10 PM at the Beauty Bar, which is a rock club that doubles as a martini lounge and nail salon. It’s been a while since I had a martini, and even longer since my last manicure. http://thebeautybar.com/las_vegas/

It was good to hang out with Phoenix comedian Mike Kennedy, who was very funny, and also an avid golfer. Check him out at MikeKennedyComedy.com for all your Arizona comedy needs.

I’ve never seen more giant cactuses in my life. Cacti? No, cactuses. Forests of enormous cactuses’s.


3 Responses to “West Coast Coast Tour Day 2 – Scottsdale, AZ”

  1. M Dickson Says:

    The Quarter Life Crisis Tour was able to survive due to very generous food donations (and one field trip to the movies!) from North Carolina comedian, Greg Brainos. It’s like the Underground Railroad.

  2. Youngblood Holden Says:

    Re: the I got this one move….u should not move to turkey as the I got this one move is a cultural imperative and required by all after every meal…. No talk of halfsies .. Just a culturally mandated fight to be the “I got this one ” guy… I’m talking quasi fights for the ticket ..talk about Akward when u have to fight to pay but u really don’t want to win

    Btw, maybe y’all should just start stealing shit. Or go cannibal on a unsuspecting fan

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