Futuristic Blog Typed from my Droid Incredible

Typing a futuristic blog from my Droid Incredible phone, while moving at 75 miles per hour in the direction of Notre Dame for a Beards of Comedy show tonight.  Incredible right? Don’t worry, TJ is driving.  It will be at least five more years before they (the robot-aliens) invent a technology that will allow me to safely blog, while safely driving, whilst safely reading a novel.  Just kidding, novels won’t exist in five years.  Paragraphs will have become the new book, and we will have to take reading breaks after each sentence.  No sentence will exceed 140 characters, for the simple marketing reason that it would be impossible to quote via retweet.  Speaking of which, I better get back to Twitter, where I am hosting a live tweet session with the hash tag #beards. Who knows what I’ve missed in the past 10 minutes. Probably just tons of fans responding to my live tweets.


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