Potential Classic Courtroom Drama Cliche Movie Titles Still Available (which I would never pay to see, but might star Denzel Washington or Michael Douglas)

Sometimes I think every cliche movie title must be taken – especially in the courtroom drama genre. Most of the ones I thought of were indeed taken. However, to my surprise, several potential classic cliche courtroom drama movies (which I would never pay to see but might star Denzel Washington or Michael Douglas) are still available, and here they are:

Motive to Kill
An Innocent Confession
Chalk Outlines
Criminal Negligence
Legally Insane
The Guilted
The Decider
The Filibuster
The Aquitted
The 5th Amendment
The Brief
Falsely Charged
The Bar Exam
The Prosecuted
Civil Injustice
The Defendant
The Good Lawyer
The Indictment
A Serious Offense
The Death of a Penalty
The Postponement
A Specified Date
The Discharge
Court in Process
Silence! (note* “Silence” without the exclamation is taken)
Shh (note* Shhh, Shhh…, Sshhh, Shhh!, Shhh!! and Hush are taken, but “Shh” is available!)
Kept Quiet
The Plea Bargain
The Car Boot
Tow Truck Man
The Blow and Go
The Breathalyzer
DWI (*DUI is taken)
The Snitch (*note: “Snitch” without the “the” is taken)
A Probationary Tale
The Legal Document
The Living Will
One Last Wish
Child Support
Not the Father
The Alimony Payment
The Condition
The Conditions
Certain Conditions
Under No Certain Conditions
Clerk of Court
Blood Spatter
Blood Patterns
Permission to be Excused
The Subpoena
Motion to Proceed
Records of Employment
The Violation
Reckless Driving
The Parking Permit
Appellate Court
The Zoning Permit
Habeas Corpses (*Habeas Corpus alread taken)
Under No Certain Terms
The Correction (*plural corrections taken)
Legal Custody
Social Security Number
The Deported


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