Unwritten Best Sellers

I’ve decided to write a best-selling book, and it’s obvious that the key to doing so, is coming up with a title that looks like it would make the best-seller list. Here is what I have so far.

My Sister’s Secret
The girl with the Ballerina Figurine
The Last Song of the Whippoorwill
The girl with the Mace in her purse
Ice Melting
The girl with the Mole in the Shape of Jesus on her Elbow
Before Eden
The Girl With the Glass Eye (who talked like a pirate)
Timeless Winters
The girl with the Kaleidoscope in her Toy Chest
Unicorn Boy
The girl with the Racist Grandfather
Plight of the Prairie Dog
The Girl with the Lighting Bolt Scar on her Forehead
To Meet a Lover
The girl with the Pig Valve in her Heart
Missing in Bolivia
The Girl who Baked Pumpkin Pies at Midnight
Nature’s Rainbow
The girl with the Violin in her Closet
Waves Crashing on Sand at Midnight
The Girl with the Pale Face (who lusted for Vampires)
Blue Moon Rising
The girl with the Red Hood (and lurking wolf)


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